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Get any girl with pickup lines from Johnny Cassell

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Sieci społecznościowe Rozrywka
Desenvolvedor: AB Digital

See this app as your pocket wingman.

All the latest dating advice from Johnny Cassell, the pick up artist that works as a dating coach for the elite.

All advice is updated on a regular basis and you will get all the Johnny Cassell videos, blogs, news and events all in one app!

Johnny answers questions such as:
- How to get a girlfriend?
- How to get out of the friend zone?
- How to last longer in bed?
- How to get a girlfriend?
- How to pick up a girl?
- How to have sex with a girl?
- How to text a girl?
- Whats the best PUA training?

Being an expert at seduction some people call him a dating coach, others call him a pick up artist. Try out his app today and find out what he will be to you!

This app contains a lot of things like chat up lines, pick up lines, sex positions, sex stories & tinder advice but all in a non-graphical safe-for-work environment.